Join Amanda Nicole of Alchemilla’s School of Embodied Herbalism and Casey Certain of Inner Certainty Healing Arts as they share the Spear Medicine of Tulip Poplar and Blue Heron.  Amanda and Casey will present the Medicine of these powerful Allies during a free 2 hour interactive class on July 15th from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, EST.

The healing process begins when the Divine is able to enter in.  Come and explore the alliance between Tulip Poplar and Heron as Spear Medicine for this piercing work. Lean into the knowledge that this Piercing Medicine doesn't always occur when we want or expect it to, but Tulip Poplar and Heron are present and ready to be our capable, devoted guides.

This free medicine offering is a preview to our upcoming 12 week  immersion into  the medicine of  Tulip Poplar and her Animal Allies.  Registration for this 12 week immersion will be open on July 15th.

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Join us on an in-depth journey with Tulip Poplar and just a few of her Animal Allies August 19th - October 28th. We'll explore how to apply these spiritual and energetic lessons in your life through coursework which includes sessions from Amanda Nicole of Alchemillas Plant Medicine and Casey Certain of Inner Certainty Healing Arts, materials that encourage you to develop your own abilities of listening and working with Plants and Animals, and activities designed to help you incorporate their teachings and medicine in your daily life.

Hi, there! My name is Casey...

Raised with my toes in the red dirt of Upstate South Carolina and my heart hearing the unspoken voices of the Land I walked on, I'm humbled to share this experience and knowledge with you.

As an integrative healing arts practitioner, I work to help clients reconnect with themselves, their community, and the Land. We explore mind-body-spirit balance through various healing modalities such as working with their Animal Allies, hypnosis, ceremony, and spiritual coaching on the land that I steward at my homestead or through online platforms such as Zoom. Visit my website at to find out more about healing at the homestead.

Hello! My name is Amanda...

and I am a daughter of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I listen to the trees and sit with the land, gathering medicine messages to share. As a writer, teacher, herbalist, medicine-woman, and Spirit-messenger, I offer the divine medicine of Spirit and of Earth through classes, consultations, ceremony, the written word, and song. It is my delight to hold space for others as their eyes and ears open, and they connect with the Beauty and Medicine that are all around us. 

My book, Flowers for a Girl: Plant Medicine & Sexual Trauma, is a poetic telling of my own healing journey with the plants as teachers and companions. Loving books, chocolate, and Tulip Poplar, I am happiest sitting with trees, surrounded by wildflowers, dusted with dirt, or immersed in wild water. To read my poems, discover my classes and offerings, and connect with me, visit my website: or listen to my podcast, Whispers: Plant Spirit Medicine.